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2021The impact of additive manufacturing on the mechanical properties of a stainless precipitation hardening steelBrandt, Robert ; Walther, Frank ; Sehrt, Jan T. ; Biermann, Dirk ; Lindner, Martin ; Stern, Felix ; Grimm, Tobias ; Hase, Sabrina ; Tilger, Meik 
2022Influence of residual stresses on the crack initiation and short crack propagation in a martensitic spring steelWildeis, Anna ; Christ, Hans-Jürgen ; Brandt, Robert 
2022On the low temperature creep controlling mechanism in a high strength spring steelRemalli, Nagarjuna ; Münch, Mathias ; Hasan, Mohsin ; Kishore, K Nanda ; Stern, Felix ; Baak, Nikolas ; Walther, Frank ; Sambandam, Manjini ; Klapprott, Steffen ; Rajulapati, Koteswararao V , et al