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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Predictive control scheme of the PMSM with a modulator of variable switching frequencyRamirez Figueroa, Fernando David 
2016Die Prekarisierung der Gesellschaft : Anmerkungen zu einem neuen soziologischen SchlüsselkonzeptMeyer, Thomas 
2005Preparation, structure and properties of new ternary chalcogenides and germanides of the metals from the first transition series, Cr, Mn, Fe and NiAleksandrov, Krasimir 
2003Preparation, structure and vibrational spectroscopy of tetraperoxo complexes of Cr V +, V V +, Nb V + and Ta V +Haxhillazi, Gentiana 
2021Preposition stranding vs. pied-piping - the role of cognitive complexity in grammatical variationGünther, Christine 
2015Die Privatisierung von kommunalen Einrichtungen mittels einer sogenannten Einrichtungsgesellschaft : Gründung und SatzungsgestaltungFlaig, Katrin 
2021Probabilistic freespace prediction in structured traffic environments for trajectory planningSchlechtriemen, Julian David 
2018Probing quantum steering through incompatible measurementsUola, Roope 
2020Probing the sources of gravitational wavesRühl, Philip 
2006Product engineering for silicon based MEMS IPOrtloff, Dirk 
2016Production scheduling in small and medium sized companies with additional setup operator constraintsSchnitzler, Daniel 
2016Professional education and training through knowledge, technology and innovation : proceedings of the Symposium of Professional Nursing Education and Training (Pro-Nursing Project) 24 June 2016, Bonn, Germany
2010Professionelle im Strukturwandel der beruflichen RehabilitationJohannsen, Christian 
2001Prognosesysteme für die Verkehrssicherheit mit Methoden des Soft-Computings am Beispiel einer Glätteprognose und einer FahrzustandsbestimmungWieland, Frank 
2004Projektilfragmentation von 36 Ar und 40 Ar Schwerionen bei 400 MeV/NukleonIancu, Gheorghe 
2011Prominence assignment in English triconstituent compoundsKösling, Kristina 
2012Properties and application spectrum of cast porous implants made of Ti-6Al-7Nb in coated and uncoated conditionsGuillén Girón, Teodolito 
2011Prospects for measuring the branching ratio of the rare B 0 s my + my - decay with the ATLAS experimentSipica, Valentin 
2010Prospects for measuring the differential high pT b-jet cross section with the ATLAS detectorGrybel, Kai 
2020Prosumage in der IngenieurpädagogikMeyer-Ross, K. Kathy