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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Eine Client/Server-Architektur für statistische Visualisierungen und Analyse von FinanzdatenSpillmann, Torsten 
2020A clustering approach for topic filtering within systematic literature reviewsBurggräf, Peter ; Weißer, Tim ; Saßmannshausen, Till Moritz ; Ohrndorf, Dennis ; Wagner, Johannes 
2019Co-operation and/as participant observationHoldermann, Simon 
2018Co-operation is a feature of sociality, not an attribute of peopleWiesemann, Jutta ; Amann, Klaus 
2022Cognitive processes while using technologyOschinsky, Frederike Marie 
2011Coherent light scattering from photonic crystals and phase latticesBrüser, Björn Christian 
2020Coincident detection of Cherenkov photons for medical applicationsBayerlein, Reimund 
2020Combining the virtual reality with biofeedback – state of research in nutritionRessing, Caroline 
2017Commercialization of academic researchHouweling, Stefan 
2019Common sense knowledge of social structures (1959) : a paper distributed at the session on the Sociology of Knowledge, Fourth World Congress of Sociology, Stresa, Italy, September 12, 1959Garfinkel, Harold 
2020The comparative analysis of the UK and Germany in civil pleadingsWeidt, Christopher 
2018Complexity of strategic influences in elections and group identification with a main focus on incomplete informationReger, Christian 
2021Comprehensive machine and deep learning fault detection and classification approaches of industry 4.0 mechanical machineries: with application to a hydraulic test rigMallak, Ahlam 
2004Computeralgebra - ein Weg über die Elektrodynamik zur QuantenphysikGeppert, Jochen 
2012"Computereinsatz im Kindergarten" : eine empirische Studie anhand der Bundesländer Rheinland-Pfalz und Nordrhein-WestfalenDeckers, Christine 
2008Concept and design of a cooperative robotic assistant surgery systemCastillo Cruces, Raúl Armando 
2004The concept of energy in nonparametric statistics: Goodness-of-Fit problems and deconvolutionAslan, Berkan 
2017The concept of “pastiche” in Directive 2001/29/EC in the light of the German case Metall auf MetallDöhl, Frédéric 
2013Concept, system design, evaluation and safety requirements for a multispectral sensorSchwaneberg, Oliver 
2009Concepts elaboration and system architectures for mining very large image archivesGómez Muñoz, Inés María