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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The ‘Conditional Voice Recorder’: Data practices in the co-operative advancement and implementation of data-collection technologyHector, Tim ; Niersberger-Gueye, Franziska ; Petri, Franziska ; Hrncal, Christine 
2004Confidentiality of XML documents by pool encryptionGeuer-Pollmann, Christian 
2022Considerations for the regulatory design of electricity markets in transitionAltvater, Lisa 
2012Consistent FE-analysis of elliptic variational inequalitiesKlein, Nicole 
2017Constructive category theory and applications to algebraic geometryGutsche, Sebastian 
2017Constructive category theory and applications to equivariant sheavesPosur, Sebastian 
2022Constructive category theory and tilting equivalences via strong exceptional sequencesSaleh, Kamal  
2018Constructive reverse mathematics : HabilitationsschriftDiener, Hannes 
2014A constructivist analysis of Turkish foreign policy in 1980s and 2000s : the example of Turkey-U.S. relationsYilmaz, Ömer 
2017Construire et éprouver, dans l’espace et dans la pensée : points de rencontre entre l’architecture et la philosophie / Konstruieren und erfahren – im Raum und in der Idee : Schnittpunkte zwischen Architektur und PhilosophieLee, Michael ; Lohmann, Petra ; Bourrand, Christian ; Neumann, Heike ; Exner, Ulrich ; Galland-Szymkowiak, Mildred ; Cazal, Raphaëlle ; Saint Girons, Baldine ; Muraro, Dorothée ; Couchot, Benjamin , et al
2020Context factors for pro-social practices in health careUhde, Alarith  ; Mesenhöller, Mena ; Hassenzahl, Marc  
2022Contextual economics and its beginningsStörring, Matthias 
2019Contextual solutions for institutional reforms in developing countries: the case of Tanzania and UgandaBecker, Pia 
2006Control of molecular Spontaneous Emission in an optical lambda/2-microresonatorSteiner, Mathias 
2019Cooperation and differenceMohn, Bina Elisabeth ; Hare, Pip ; Vogelpohl, Astrid ; Wiesemann, Jutta 
2014Cooperative simultaneous localization and mapping frameworkNasir, Ahmad Kamal 
2011Coordination and learning in global software development : articulation work in distributed cooperation of small companiesBoden, Alexander 
2019Coordinations, or computing is workGießmann, Sebastian 
2017Copyright lawVolmar, Axel ; Hoffmann, Dagmar ; Klass, Nadine ; Döhl, Frédéric ; Kempfert, Kamila ; Reißmann, Wolfgang ; Einwächter, Sophie G. ; Voigts, Eckart ; Marshfield, Katerina ; Kocatepe, Sibel , et al
2020Corona pandemicSchorch, Marén ; Hassan, Sohaib S. ; Syed, Hussain A. ; Grinko, Margarita ; Langer, Amanda ; Seifert, Fabienne ; Skudelny, Sascha ; Riebe, Thea