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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Echtzeitprognose des Schmiedemaßes an hydraulischen FreiformpressenNötzel, Ralf 
2020Economic coercion and foreign policy: Evaluating the success of Russian bargaining with Ukraine, Belarus and MoldovaPakhomova, Svetlana 
2005Economic theory of culture : a dynamic approachCheng, Sao-Wen 
2019Ecotoxicological impacts of wastewater-borne silver and titanium-dioxide nanoparticles on the behaviour, physiology and reproduction of Daphnia magna and Danio rerio larvaeHartmann, Sarah 
2017EditorialEnglert, Kathrin ; Faust, Lene ; Henrich-Franke, Christian ; Gießmann, Sebastian ; Müller, Claudia ; Schubert, Cornelius ; Voss, Ehler 
2017Editorial: The reference as part of the art form.Hoffmann, Dagmar ; Klass, Nadine 
2008Effect of 475 degree C embrittlement on the fatigue behaviour of a duplex stainless steelSahu, Jitendra Kumar 
2020The effects of firm internationalisationKoetter, Elizabeth Chepkemboi 
2023Effects of steps on the load bearing capacity of 3D-printed single lap jointsKhosravani, Mohammad Reza ; Soltani, Payam ; Reinicke, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamara 
2022Effects of the sex steroid hormone estradiol on biofilm growth of cystic fibrosis Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolatesAl-Zawity, Jiwar ; Afzal, Faria ; Awan, Aysha ; Nordhoff, Daniela ; Kleimann, Alexander ; Wesner, Daniel ; Montier, Tristan ; Le Gall, Tony ; Müller, Mareike 
2023Effects of X-ray radiation on structure and dynamics of egg white protein gelsTimmermann, Sonja 
2021Effektivität von individuellem Mentoring in TeamsFeldhaus, Anna 
2010Efficient and high quality clusteringChiosa, Iurie 
2021Efficient coupling of fluid and acoustic interaction on massively parallel systemsKrupp, Verena 
2021Efficient high-order simulation of aeroacoustics from rigid body motion on massively parallel systemsEbrahimi Pour, Neda 
2015An efficient inflation method for segmentation of medical 3D imagesZukić, Dženan 
2017Efficient range and image data processing - algorithms and software paradigmsHögg, Thomas 
2019Efficient rendering and simulation of fluid transport and phase transitions in SPH-based fluidsHochstetter, Hendrik 
2014Efficient SPH-based simulation and rendering of fluid transport dynamicsOrthmann, Jens 
2017Effizienzsteigerung im Produktentwicklungsprozess durch die kombinierte Anwendung von Wertanalyse und TRIZWigger, Tobias