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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Oberfläche: metapragmatischKnobloch, Clemens 
2010Odysseus auf dem Weg nach Ithaka und die Irrfahrt eines linksstehenden Menschen innerhalb eines "linken" Systems - Die Exilsituation bei Mircea Eliade und Ion CaraionLangenfeld, Andrea-Dana 
2018On Goodwin and his co-operative actionBergmann, Jörg R. 
2013On GPS based attitude determinationDai, Zhen 
2007On the adhesion between fine particles and nanocontacts : an atomic force microscope studyFarshchi Tabrizi, Mahdi 
2021On the algorithmic synthesis of fluid and thermofluid systemsWeber, Jonas Benjamin 
2014On the asymptotic distribution of the Dirichlet eigenvalues of fractal chainsEtienne, Roland Jean 
2021On the development and investigation of the high-temperature oxidation behavior of Co-Re-base alloysWang, Lin 
2017On the origin of crack initiation in duplex stainless steel during cyclic loading in the VHCF regimeFu, Hongwang 
2016On the political economy of sovereign wealth fundsGrigoryan, Artur 
2014On the shape and dimensions of "surface nanobubbles" in atomic force microscopyWałczyk, Wiktoria 
2016On-wafer characterization of mm-wave and THz circuits using electrooptic samplingJamshidifar, Mehran 
2022One-dimensional suboxide TiO2 nanotubes for electrodics applicationsHejazi, Seyedsina ; Pour-Ali, Sadegh ; Kilian, Manuela S. ; Mohajernia, Shiva 
2020Online dictionary learning for classification of antipersonnel landmines using ground penetrating radarGiovanneschi, Fabio  
2018Online force reconstruction for Structural Health MonitoringNiu, Yan 
1999Online-Demodulation stark gestörter winkelmodulierter Signale mit dem Extended Kalman-FilterBalzer, Dirk 
2009Online-Marktforschung gegenüber den Anspruchsgruppen der Unternehmung : Gestaltungsempfehlungen für das Performance Measurement unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der DienstleistungsbrancheReichmann, Steffen 
2011The only good 'Indian' is a screened 'Indian'! : First Nations culture and its representation in contemporary Canadian TV seriesMaslona, Katrin 
2017Ontology enhanced representing and reasoning of job specific knowledge to identify skill balanceKhobreh, Marjan 
2011Operator Scaling Stable Random Sheets with application to binary mixturesHoffmann, Alexander