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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Virtual fish for real science - Investigating the role of public information content for mate-choice copying in the sailfin molly (Poecilia latipinna) using live fish and computer-animated fish stimuliGierszewski, Stefanie 
22022Thermochromism and photomotion of azobenzene-containing polymers and hydrogelsJaik, Thorben Gwydion 
32021Synthesis of Telechelic Polymers as Functional Building Blocks in Material Science and Biomedical Applications Based on Thermoresponsive Poly(2 Oxazoline)s and N-Substituted Poly(Acrylamide)sJung, Niklas 
42019Synthesis and characterization of methylammonium phosphates as crystalline approximants for anhydrous, low melting phosphate glassesSchmedt auf der Günne, Jörn  ; Mangstl, Martin ; Wied, Jan Konrad ; Weber, Johannes ; Pritzel, Christian ; Trettin, Reinhard 
52019Remote control of the synthesis of a [2]rotaxane and its shuttling via metal-ion translocationPaul, Indrajit ; Ghosh, Amit ; Schmittel, Michael 
62023Rapid identification and classification of food-relevant spoilage microorganisms by Raman- and IR-microspectroscopyKlein, Daniel 
72019Optimization and application of flowing atmospheric-pressure afterglow mass spectrometry for direct surface sampling and quantitative analysisKuhlmann, Christopher 
82022One-dimensional suboxide TiO2 nanotubes for electrodics applicationsHejazi, Seyedsina ; Pour-Ali, Sadegh ; Kilian, Manuela S. ; Mohajernia, Shiva 
92023„Das mein ich ja – oder doch nicht?“ - Qualitative Analyse von Redebeiträgen von Lernenden im chemieunterrichtlichen Diskurs der Sekundarstufe ISeidl, Sabine 
102022Mapping the broadband circular dichroism of copolymer films with supramolecular chirality in time and spaceMorgenroth, Marius ; Scholz, Mirko ; Cho, Min Ju ; Choi, Dong Hoon ; Oum, Kawon 
112022Effects of the sex steroid hormone estradiol on biofilm growth of cystic fibrosis Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolatesAl-Zawity, Jiwar ; Afzal, Faria ; Awan, Aysha ; Nordhoff, Daniela ; Kleimann, Alexander ; Wesner, Daniel ; Montier, Tristan ; Le Gall, Tony ; Müller, Mareike 
122019Ecotoxicological impacts of wastewater-borne silver and titanium-dioxide nanoparticles on the behaviour, physiology and reproduction of Daphnia magna and Danio rerio larvaeHartmann, Sarah 
132020Doping homogeneity of paramagnetic ions studied via NMR visibilityLi, Wenyu 
142020Cultural appropriation of spaces and thingsGröger, Martin ; Prust, Christian ; Flügel, Alexandra ; Giffoni Junior, Alexandre Avelino ; Pereira, Sebastião Lázaro ; Netto, Alberto Barella ; Kim, Hyeongjoo ; Barfod, Karen ; Daugbjerg, Peer ; Höper, Jan , et al