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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Zylinderdruckbasierte Füllungserfassung für VerbrennungsmotorenKlein, Philipp 
22017Super-resolution compressed sensing for resolving time-of-flight multipath interferencesNguyen, Xuan Vinh 
32007Stabilization of delayed teleoperation systems using time domain passivity controlIqbal, Asif 
42014Spatial content understanding of very high resolution synthetic aperture radar imagesSingh, Jagmal 
52018Real-time sensor data acquisition for borehole trajectory tracking and telemetry over an underground wireless ad hoc networkOdei-Lartey, Emmanuel 
62010Real time object recognition and tracking using 2D/3D imagesGhobadi, Seyed Eghbal 
72013On GPS based attitude determinationDai, Zhen 
82013Novel approaches for improved performance of inertial sensors and integrated navigation systemsEdwan, Ezzaldeen 
92012A novel approach for generating digital chirp signals using FPGA technology for synthetic aperture radar applicationsSamarah, Ashraf 
102020Neue Lösungsstrategien für l1-Minimierungsprobleme mit Kalman-FilternHage, Dunja Alexandra 
112015Multichannel analysis of medium grazing angle sea clutter for airborne microwave radar systemsGracheva, Valeria 
122013Low-cost MEMS-INS/GPS integration using nonlinear filtering approachesZhou, Junchuan 
132013Lokalisation und Verfolgung von Personen in Echtzeit unter Verwendung kooperierender 2D/3D-KamerasLoepprich, Omar Edmond 
142014Interactive models for latent information discovery in satellite imagesBratasanu, Dragos 
152009Frequency estimation for single-carrier and OFDM signals in communication and radar systemsUbolkosold, Pakorn 
162010Data fusion for ground target tracking in GSM networksZhang, Miao 
172009Concepts elaboration and system architectures for mining very large image archivesGómez Muñoz, Inés María 
182007Bistatic processing - analysis and verificationNatroshvili, Koba 
192020Automated high-precision crack detection in airplane combustion chamber liners using white light interferometryOtto, Marc-André 
202014The applications of compressive sensing in multi-modal imagesHan, Juanjuan