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12018Zebrafish larvae show negative phototaxis to near-infrared lightHartmann, Sarah ; Kunze, Jan ; Vogt, Roland ; Rauschert, Anna ; Kuhnert, Klaus-Dieter ; Wanzenböck, Josef ; Lamatsch, Dunja K ; Witte, Klaudia 
22017"Same procedure as last year?" Repeatedly tracked swifts show individual consistency in migration pattern in successive yearsWellbrock, Arndt ; Bauch, Christina ; Rozman, Jan ; Witte, Klaudia 
32022No “carry-over” effects of tracking devices on return rate and parameters determining reproductive success in once and repeatedly tagged common swifts (Apus apus), a long-distance migratory birdWellbrock, Arndt ; Witte, Klaudia 
42021The MID1 protein: a promising therapeutic target in Huntington’s diseaseHeinz, Annika ; Krauß, Sybille ; Schilling, Judith ; van Roon-Mom, Willeke 
52021Mate choice, sex roles and sexual cognition: neuronal prerequisites supporting cognitive mate choiceFuss, Theodora 
62021Mate choice, sex roles and sexual cognition in vertebrates: mate choice turns cognition or cognition turns mate choice?Fuss, Theodora 
72022Intracellular and intercellular transport of RNA organelles in CXG repeat disorders: The strength of weak tiesKailash Nabariya, Deepti ; Heinz, Annika ; Derksen, Sabrina ; Krauß, Sybille 
82021Identification and analysis of transporters involved in the elimination of insecticidal compounds from the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneumRösner, Janin 
92020Defective defence in Daphnia daughters: silver nanoparticles inhibit anti-predator defence in offspring but not in maternal Daphnia magnaWitte, Klaudia ; Hartmann, Sarah ; Beasley, Anna ; Mozhayeva, Darya ; Engelhard, Carsten