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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Mobile health platforms for active and healthy ageing support in older adults : design ideas from a participatory design studyVaziri, Daryoush Daniel ; Anslinger, Melanie ; Unbehaun, David ; Wieching, Rainer ; Randall, Dave ; Schreiber, Dirk ; Wulf, Volker 
2019Negotiating contradictions : engaging disparate stakeholder demands in designing for active and healthy ageingVaziri, Daryoush Daniel ; Unbehaun, David ; Aal, Konstantin ; Shklovski, Irina ; Wieching, Rainer ; Schreiber, Dirk ; Wulf, Volker 
2018Socio-InformaticsMüller, Claudia ; Nett, Bernhard ; Bönsch, Jennifer ; Wulf, Volker ; Misaki, Kaoru ; Randall, Dave ; Rohde, Markus ; Reuter, Christian ; Leopold, Inken ; Aal, Konstantin , et al
2018Travelling by taxi brousse in MadagascarWulf, Volker ; Misaki, Kaoru ; Randall, Dave ; Rohde, Markus