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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018The issue of burnout and work satisfaction in younger GPs - a cluster analysis utilizing the HaMEdSi studyAdarkwah, Charles Christian ; Hirsch, Oliver 
22018Are lovers ever one? Reconstructing the union theory of loveSchmidt, Elke Elisabeth 
32017"Same procedure as last year?" Repeatedly tracked swifts show individual consistency in migration pattern in successive yearsWellbrock, Arndt ; Bauch, Christina ; Rozman, Jan ; Witte, Klaudia 
42018Pulse based Time-of-Flight range sensingKolb, Andreas ; Sarbolandi, Hamed ; Plack, Markus 
52019Retraining automatic action tendencies for smoking using mobile phone-based approach-avoidance bias training: a study protocol for a randomized controlled studyMachulska, Alla ; Kleinke, Kristian ; Eiler, Tanja Joan  ; Grünewald, Armin ; Brück, Rainer ; Jahn, Katharina ; Niehaves, Bjoern ; Gethmann, Carl Friedrich ; Klucken, Tim 
62019Synthesis and characterization of methylammonium phosphates as crystalline approximants for anhydrous, low melting phosphate glassesSchmedt auf der Günne, Jörn  ; Mangstl, Martin ; Wied, Jan Konrad ; Weber, Johannes ; Pritzel, Christian ; Trettin, Reinhard 
72017Delay of gratification, delay discounting and their associations with age, episodic future thinking, and future time perspectiveGöllner, Lars M. ; Ballhausen, Nicola ; Kliegel, Matthias ; Forstmeier, Simon 
82019Data on the current state of problem solving and improvement during physical product development within complex (manufacturing) systemsBurggräf, Peter ; Weißer, Tim ; Wagner, Johannes