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12003Pattern recognition in the inner tracking system of HERA-B and measurement of the V 0 production cross section in pN collisionsGorbounov, Iouri 
22010Testing the standard model with precision calculations of semileptonic B-decaysTurczyk, Sascha Sebastian 
32004Computeralgebra - ein Weg über die Elektrodynamik zur QuantenphysikGeppert, Jochen 
42018Track reconstruction for InGrid chips for a Time Projection ChamberNoori Shirazi, Amir 
52004The concept of energy in nonparametric statistics: Goodness-of-Fit problems and deconvolutionAslan, Berkan 
62019Characterization of Nb3Sn and multilayer thin films for SRF applicationsKeckert, Sebastian 
72011Development of infrared silicon BIB detectors with integrated linear amplificationFedl, Valentin 
82012Quantum gates with trapped ions using magnetic gradient induced couplingKhromova, Anastasiya 
92012The response of silicon PNCCD sensors with aluminum on-chip filter to visible light, UV- and X-ray radiationGranato, Stefanie 
102022Generalized bell inequalities and quantum entanglementBernards, Fabian 
112019X-ray structural characterization of individual as-grown GaAs/(In,Ga)As/(GaAs) based core-multi-shell nanowiresAl Hassan, Ali 
122004Bildgebende Röntgendetektion mit Gasverstärkung durch Mikrostrukturen für HochgeschwindigkeitsmessungenOrthen, André 
132017Wachstum und Energie : ein Beitrag zur fundierten Diskussion in Unterricht und Lehre auf naturgesetzlicher GrundlageDeitersen, Christian Josef 
142004Strömungsorientierung und Vorumwandlungserscheinungen in der isotropen Phase thermotroper FlüssigkristalleBirlenbach, Lars 
152004Vielzellenwiderstandsauslese für zweidimensionale Röntgenabbildungen : Optimierung der Abbildungseigenschaften bei Anwendungen mit schneller BildfolgeWagner, Hendrik 
162004Development of a readout electronic for a Si-pixeldetector for application in a Compton cameraIbragimov, Iskander 
172003Erzeugung verschränkter Zustände im Zwei-Moden-Jaynes-Cummings-ModellWildfeuer, Christoph Friedrich 
182004QCD aspects of heavy to light currentsCampanario Pallás, Francisco 
192011Prospects for measuring the branching ratio of the rare B 0 s my + my - decay with the ATLAS experimentSipica, Valentin 
202011Energy dependent charge spread function in a dedicated synchrotron beam pnCCD detectorYousef, Hazem 
212004High resolution measurements with silicon drift detectors for Compton camera applicationsÇonka Nurdan, Tuba 
222020Wechselwirkungskonzepte der Physik und ihre Propädeutik für die gymnasiale OberstufeLauner, Sebastian 
232015Polychromatic X-ray diffraction using a pnCCD : applications for material scienceAbboud, Ali 
242019Parallel adaptive Monte Carlo integration and vector-boson scattering at the Large Hadron ColliderBraß, Simon 
252014Development of a GEM based time projection chamber prototype using a pixelized readout systemShahid, Saiqa 
262006B-Zerfälle aus QCD SummenregelnMelcher, Martin 
272019From pnCCD to pnCCD + CsI(Tl) scintillator: characterizations and applicationsShokr, Mohammad 
282007Characterization of physical properties of polymers using AFM force-distance curvesKaliappan, Senthil Kumar 
292014Depth resolved investigation of ion beam induced pattern formation on silicon using X-ray methodsKhanbabaee Patekhour, Behnam 
302020A nanorheology study on the viscoelastic properties of photorheological liquids by x-ray photon correlation spectroscopyReiser, Mario 
312014Temporal quantum correlations and hidden variable modelsBudroni, Costantino 
322010Analysis of "New Physics" in the flavor sector using effective field theory methodsDassinger, Benjamin M. 
332021In-situ investigation of the flux shadowing effect on polytypism and strain evolution in self-catalyzed core and core-shell nanowire systemsAl Humaidi, Mahmoud 
342022Thermal equivalence networks for analysis of transient thermographyNils Jonas, Ziegeler 
352018Probing quantum steering through incompatible measurementsUola, Roope 
362017Differentiating top-quark - photon coupling: inclusive and differential cross-section measurements of top-quark pair production in association with a photon in the single lepton channel in pp collisions data at √s 8TeV with the ATLAS experimentAtlay, Naim Bora 
372010Flavor physics and right-handed modelsShafaq, Saba 
382010Surface plasmons resonance spectroscopy and its application to sensor devices : a novel approach with the combination of X-ray spectroscopyNtui Ayuk, Felix 
392017Radio frequency characterization of superconductors for particle acceleratorsKleindienst, Raphael 
402012System tests, initial operation and first data of the AMIGA muon detector for the Pierre Auger ObservatoryPontz, Michael 
412011Aspects of B-DecaysFaller, Sven 
422003Measurement of the charm production in gammagamma interactions at LEPNgac, An Bang 
432008Analysis of the charge collection process in solid state X-ray detectorsKimmel, Nils 
442002Measurement of the hadronic photon structure function F gamma 2 (x, Q 2) in two-photon collisionsHeß, Johannes 
452010Weather corrections for a point source search at the Pierre Auger ObservatoryBäcker, Thomas 
462010Interaction of femtosecond X-ray pulses with periodical multilayer structuresKsenzov, Dmitriy 
472021The interplay between quantum entanglement, coherence, and convex optimizationSimnacher, Timo Yannick 
482004Development of a low noise analog readout for a DEPFET pixel detectorNiculae, Adrian Sorin 
492005Measurement of nuclear effects in the production of J/psi mesons with the HERA-B detectorHusemann, Ulrich 
502004Messung der transversalen Lambda-Polarisation mit dem HERA-B-DetektorBöcker, Matthias 
Results 1-50 of 168 (Search time: 0.101 seconds).