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12022On the low temperature creep controlling mechanism in a high strength spring steelRemalli, Nagarjuna ; Münch, Mathias ; Hasan, Mohsin ; Kishore, K Nanda ; Stern, Felix ; Baak, Nikolas ; Walther, Frank ; Sambandam, Manjini ; Klapprott, Steffen ; Rajulapati, Koteswararao V , et al
22023Effects of steps on the load bearing capacity of 3D-printed single lap jointsKhosravani, Mohammad Reza ; Soltani, Payam ; Reinicke, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamara 
32022Intracellular and intercellular transport of RNA organelles in CXG repeat disorders: The strength of weak tiesKailash Nabariya, Deepti ; Heinz, Annika ; Derksen, Sabrina ; Krauß, Sybille 
42021Mate choice, sex roles and sexual cognition in vertebrates: mate choice turns cognition or cognition turns mate choice?Fuss, Theodora 
52022Digital health interventions in depression care - a survey on acceptance from the perspective of patients, their relatives and health professionalsHafner, Jessica ; Schönfeld, Simone ; Tokgöz, Pinar ; Choroschun, Katharina ; Schlubach, Arndt ; Dockweiler, Christoph 
62022A WaveNet-based fully stochastic dynamic stall modelKüppers, Jan-Philipp ; Reinicke, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamara 
72021Machine learning in predicting mechanical behavior of additively manufactured partsNasiri, Sara ; Khosravani, Mohammad Reza 
82022Financial literacy of adults in Germany FILSA study resultsSchuhen, Michael ; Kollmann, Susanne ; Seitz, Minou ; Mau, Gunnar ; Froitzheim, Manuel 
92022F-number and focal length of light field systems: a comparative study of field of view, light efficiency, signal to noise ratio, and depth of fieldIhrke, Ivo 
102022Experimental and numerical investigation on dynamic behavior of soft materials with emphasis on tissue simulant materialsAghayan, Sam  
Results 1541-1550 of 1739 (Search time: 0.036 seconds).