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12022No “carry-over” effects of tracking devices on return rate and parameters determining reproductive success in once and repeatedly tagged common swifts (Apus apus), a long-distance migratory birdWellbrock, Arndt ; Witte, Klaudia 
22022Searching for new physics in bottom-quark decaysRahimi, Muslem 
32023Attentive cognitive agents for real-time virtual environmentsSeele, Sven 
42022Project DECIDE, part 1: increasing the amount of valid advance directives in people with Alzheimer’s disease by offering advance care planning - a prospective double-arm intervention studyBaisch, Stefanie ; Abele, Christina ; Theile-Schürholz, Anna ; Müller, Tanja ; Florack, Janina ; Garmann, Daniel ; Karneboge, Jonas ; Lindl, Gregor ; Pfeiffer, Nathalie ; Poth, Aoife , et al
52023Hyperkubisches GlasAndrés López, Sebastián ; Peña Fernandez Serrano, Martino ; Reißaus, Henrik ; Wirfler, Katja 
62021Modern optimization techniques in computer visionGeiping, Jonas 
72021Novel methodologies for multiaxial strain measurements with piezoresistive films based on graphene nanoplateletsYokaribas, Volkan ; Kraemer, Peter ; Mende, Alexander B. ; Fritzen, Claus-Peter 
82022Advances in biomimetic photoelectrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxideYang, Nianjun 
92022Experiences with teachers in childhood and their association with wellbeing in adulthoodDittmann, Christian ; Forstmeier, Simon 
102023Changieren zwischen formal und persönlich - Die Beziehungsdynamik von rechtlichen Betreuern, Betreuten und deren AngehörigenPelkmann, Katharina 
Results 1631-1640 of 1656 (Search time: 0.023 seconds).