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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Enhancing usability of privacy-respecting authentication and authorization in mobile social settings by using Idemix : (in the context of the EU FP7 Project)Bourimi, Mohamed ; Heupel, Marcel ; Kesdogan, Dogan ; Fielenbach, Thomas 
22011Reducing illicit work done by unemployed by promoting small business start-ups : a feasibility studyWeiß, Carsten 
32011A two-level approach to ontology-based access control in pervasive personal serversBourimi, Mohamed ; Scerri, Simon ; Planaguma , Marc ; Heupel, Marcel ; Karatas, Fatih ; Schwarte, Philipp 
42019Exploring influencing factors of technology use for active and healthy ageing support in older adultsVaziri, Daryoush Daniel ; Giannouli, Eleftheria ; Frisiello, Antonella ; Kaartinen, Nico ; Wieching, Rainer ; Schreiber, Dirk ; Wulf, Volker 
52013Das gefühlte Faktum der Vernunft : Skizze einer Interpretation und VerteidigungSchönecker, Dieter 
62017Fan (fiction) acting on media and the politics of appropriationReißmann, Wolfgang ; Stock, Moritz ; Kaiser, Svenja ; Isenberg, Vanessa ; Nieland, Jörg-Uwe 
72019Mobile health platforms for active and healthy ageing support in older adults : design ideas from a participatory design studyVaziri, Daryoush Daniel ; Anslinger, Melanie ; Unbehaun, David ; Wieching, Rainer ; Randall, Dave ; Schreiber, Dirk ; Wulf, Volker 
82001Ethics for children and ethics for adults?Schönecker, Dieter 
91996Zur Analytizität der GrundlegungSchönecker, Dieter 
102010Kant über Menschenliebe als moralische GemütsanlageSchönecker, Dieter 
Results 1-10 of 236 (Search time: 0.019 seconds).