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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Reconstruction of surface morphology from coherent scattering of "white" synchrotron radiation in hard x-ray regimeSant, Tushar 
22014Structure and electrical response of GaAs nanowires : looking for a correlation at the nano-scaleBussone-Grifone, Genziana 
32010Macroscopic and microscopic deformation of the piezoelectric Li 2 SO 4 ·H 2 O, Li 2 SeO 4 ·H 2 O and BiB 3 O 6 crystals under an external electric fieldSchmidt, Oleg 
42016Untersuchung der Auswirkung von sehr hohen Lastspielzahlen auf einen austenitisch-ferritischen Duplexstahl mittels in-situ Röntgendiffraktion an der Strahllinie BL10 an der Synchrotronstrahlungsquelle DELTAHüsecken, Anne Kathrin 
52016Growth of self-catalyzed GaAs nanowires using molecular-beam-epitaxy and structural characterization by in-situ X-ray diffractionSchroth, Philipp 
62020The way to a smarter community: exploring and exploiting data modeling, big data analytics, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence techniques for applications of 2D energy-dispersive detectors in the crystallography communityTosson, Amir 
72012X-ray diffraction from single GaAs nanowiresBiermanns, Andreas 
82013Utilization of a frame store pnCCD for energy-dispersive Laue diffraction with white synchrotron radiationSend, Sebastian 
92013X-ray diffraction analysis of InAs nanowiresDavydok, Anton 
102021Nanomechanics: Mechanical response analysis of semiconductor GaAs nanowires by using finite element method and x-ray diffraction techniquesAnjum, Taseer 
Results 1-10 of 11 (Search time: 0.027 seconds).