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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Advances in biomimetic photoelectrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxideYang, Nianjun 
2021Novel methodologies for multiaxial strain measurements with piezoresistive films based on graphene nanoplateletsYokaribas, Volkan ; Kraemer, Peter ; Mende, Alexander B. ; Fritzen, Claus-Peter 
2022Project DECIDE, part 1: increasing the amount of valid advance directives in people with Alzheimer’s disease by offering advance care planning - a prospective double-arm intervention studyBaisch, Stefanie ; Abele, Christina ; Theile-Schürholz, Anna ; Müller, Tanja ; Florack, Janina ; Garmann, Daniel ; Karneboge, Jonas ; Lindl, Gregor ; Pfeiffer, Nathalie ; Poth, Aoife , et al
2022Experiences with teachers in childhood and their association with wellbeing in adulthoodDittmann, Christian ; Forstmeier, Simon 
2022No “carry-over” effects of tracking devices on return rate and parameters determining reproductive success in once and repeatedly tagged common swifts (Apus apus), a long-distance migratory birdWellbrock, Arndt ; Witte, Klaudia 
2023Historische Grundlagen der mobilen Gesellschaft
2022Digital health interventions in depression care - a survey on acceptance from the perspective of patients, their relatives and health professionalsHafner, Jessica ; Schönfeld, Simone ; Tokgöz, Pinar ; Choroschun, Katharina ; Schlubach, Arndt ; Dockweiler, Christoph 
2022On the low temperature creep controlling mechanism in a high strength spring steelRemalli, Nagarjuna ; Münch, Mathias ; Hasan, Mohsin ; Kishore, K Nanda ; Stern, Felix ; Baak, Nikolas ; Walther, Frank ; Sambandam, Manjini ; Klapprott, Steffen ; Rajulapati, Koteswararao V , et al
2023Effects of steps on the load bearing capacity of 3D-printed single lap jointsKhosravani, Mohammad Reza ; Soltani, Payam ; Reinicke, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamara 
2022Intracellular and intercellular transport of RNA organelles in CXG repeat disorders: The strength of weak tiesKailash Nabariya, Deepti ; Heinz, Annika ; Derksen, Sabrina ; Krauß, Sybille 
2022Mapping the broadband circular dichroism of copolymer films with supramolecular chirality in time and spaceMorgenroth, Marius ; Scholz, Mirko ; Cho, Min Ju ; Choi, Dong Hoon ; Oum, Kawon 
2022Opening opportunities for Kd determination and screening of MHC peptide complexesKopicki, Janine-Denise ; Saikia, Ankur ; Niebling, Stephan ; Günther, Christian ; Anjanappa, Raghavendra ; Garcia-Alai, Maria ; Springer, Sebastian ; Uetrecht, Charlotte 
2022In situ coupling applied voltage and synchrotron radiation: operando characterization of transistorsDavydok, Anton ; Luponosov, Yuriy N. ; Ponomarenko, Sergey A. ; Grigorian, Souren 
2022Symmetries in quantum networks lead to no-go theorems for entanglement distribution and to verification techniquesHansenne, Kiara ; Xu, Zhen-Peng ; Kraft, Tristan ; Gühne, Otfried 
2022Bayesian identification of structural coefficients in causal models and the causal false-positive risk of confounders and colliders in linear Markovian modelsKelter, Riko  
2022High-speed nonlinear focus-induced photoresponse in amorphous silicon photodetectors for ultrasensitive 3D imaging applicationsBablich, Andreas ; Müller, Maurice  ; Kienitz, Paul ; Bornemann, Rainer ; Ogolla, Charles Otieno ; Butz, Benjamin ; Choubey, Bhaskar ; Haring Bolívar, Peter 
2022Effects of the sex steroid hormone estradiol on biofilm growth of cystic fibrosis Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolatesAl-Zawity, Jiwar ; Afzal, Faria ; Awan, Aysha ; Nordhoff, Daniela ; Kleimann, Alexander ; Wesner, Daniel ; Montier, Tristan ; Le Gall, Tony ; Müller, Mareike 
2022Self-guided virtual reality therapy for social anxiety disorderHildebrand, Anne Sophie ; Roesmann (Keuper), Kati ; Planert, Jari ; Machulska, Alla ; Otto, Esra ; Klucken, Tim 
2022Self-guided digital treatment with virtual reality for panic disorder and agoraphobiaPlanert, Jari ; Machulska, Alla ; Hildebrand, Anne‑Sophie ; Roesmann (Keuper), Kati ; Otto, Esra ; Klucken, Tim 
2022Characterization of 3D-printed PLA parts with different raster orientations and printing speedsKhosravani, Mohammad Reza ; Berto, Filippo ; Ayatollahi, Majid R. ; Reinicke, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamara 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 79