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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020What are you looking at? Using eye tracking to improve learning in virtual environmentsSchlechtinger, Michael 
22020To resist, or not to resist, that is the question: on the status quo bias of public sector employees when dealing with technologyOschinsky, Frederike Marie ; Stelter, Aida ; Kaping, Constantin ; Niehaves, Bjoern 
32020The sweet escape - A research agenda on escapism in information systems researchZeuge, Anna 
42020Some thoughts on digitalization research in times of CoronaRadke, Jörg 
52020Reflective practice in the digital ageKlein, Hans Christian 
62020New perspectives on statistical data analysis: challenges and possibilities of digitalization for hypothesis testing in quantitative researchKelter, Riko  
72020New perspectives on digitalization: Local issues and global impact
82020Methodological implications of research on technology use by healthcare professionals: A short introduction to multidimensional scalingKnop, Michael 
92020From technology adoption to organizational resilience: A current research perspectiveSyed, Hussain Abid ; Schorch, Marén ; Hassan, Sohaib S. ; Skudelny, Sascha ; Grinko, Margarita ; Pipek, Volkmar 
102020Exploring the potential of virtual reality for learning – a systematic literature reviewWeber, Sebastian 
112020Exploring emerging patient responsibilities in telemedicine use: An empirical studyMüller, Marius  
122020Emergence in design science researchKlesel, Michael ; Henseler, Jörg 
132020Digital technology in health education? – opportunities for new mothers in Mexican public healthcare servicesHarder, Jamie Lee ; Gutierrez Chavez, Andrea Sarahi 
142020Developing a smart city strategy by use of St. Gallen management model focused in smart mobility and smart environmentSchäfer, Cindy 
152020A design journey: Towards a virtual reality simulation and training applicationWeigel, Andreas  
162020Context factors for pro-social practices in health careUhde, Alarith ; Mesenhöller, Mena ; Hassenzahl, Marc  
172020Combining the virtual reality with biofeedback – state of research in nutritionRessing, Caroline