Khosravani, Mohammad Reza

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Khosravani, Mohammad Reza
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12023Mixed mode brittle fracture of stereolithographic 3D-printed partsKhosravani, Mohammad Reza ; Frohn-Sörensen, Peter ; Engel, Bernd ; Reinicke, Tamara 
22021Machine learning in predicting mechanical behavior of additively manufactured partsNasiri, Sara ; Khosravani, Mohammad Reza 
32018Experimental investigations on the dynamic behavior and fracture of composite materialsKhosravani, Mohammad Reza 
42023Effects of steps on the load bearing capacity of 3D-printed single lap jointsKhosravani, Mohammad Reza ; Soltani, Payam ; Reinicke, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamara 
52022Characterization of 3D-printed PLA parts with different raster orientations and printing speedsKhosravani, Mohammad Reza ; Berto, Filippo ; Ayatollahi, Majid R. ; Reinicke, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamara