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12018Tagungsbericht „Orte und Räume der Generationenvermittlung - außerschulisches Lernen von Kindern“Schneider, Daria 
22020The mechanism of the first hydration-dehydration cycle of pure α- and β-CaSO4•0.5H2OAbu Zeitoun, Edres ; Pritzel, Christian ; Sakalli, Yilmaz ; Trettin, Reinhard 
32017Transformative works and German copyright law as matters of boundary workKempfert, Kamila ; Reißmann, Wolfgang 
42011Was wird aus der Profession Soziale Arbeit?Seithe, Mechthild 
52018Museen als Lernorte an GanztagsschulenBrill, Swaantje 
62020Survey based dataset on automation decisions for assembly systems in GermanyBurggräf, Peter ; Wagner, Johannes ; Dannapfel, Matthias ; Fluchs, Sarah ; Müller, Katharina ; Koke, Benjamin 
72018Charles Goodwin’s co-operative actionSchüttpelz, Erhard ; Meyer, Christian 
82022On the low temperature creep controlling mechanism in a high strength spring steelRemalli, Nagarjuna ; Münch, Mathias ; Hasan, Mohsin ; Kishore, K Nanda ; Stern, Felix ; Baak, Nikolas ; Walther, Frank ; Sambandam, Manjini ; Klapprott, Steffen ; Rajulapati, Koteswararao V , et al
92018Availability of a hybrid FSO/RF link while using the link’s diversity for packet schedulingGrigoriu, Liliana 
102022Facilitating relaxation and stress reduction in healthy participants through a virtual reality intervention: study protocol for a non-inferiority randomized controlled trialKampa, Miriam ; Bucher, Leandra ; Klapperich, Holger ; Mertl, Fabian ; Zimmer, Christian ; Geiger, Christian ; Hassenzahl, Marc  ; Finke, Johannes ; Stalder, Tobias ; Klucken, Tim 
112017"Same procedure as last year?" Repeatedly tracked swifts show individual consistency in migration pattern in successive yearsWellbrock, Arndt ; Bauch, Christina ; Rozman, Jan ; Witte, Klaudia 
122012MenschenrechtsbildungKlose, Dorothea ; Westerholt, Micha 
132020Life review therapy for holocaust survivors (LRT-HS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trialForstmeier, Simon ; van der Hal, Elisheva ; Auerbach, Martin ; Maercker, Andreas ; Brom, Danny 
142020Approaches for the prediction of lead times in an engineer to order environment - a systematic reviewBurggräf, Peter ; Wagner, Johannes ; Koke, Benjamin ; Steinberg, Fabian 
152022Self-guided digital treatment with virtual reality for panic disorder and agoraphobiaPlanert, Jari ; Machulska, Alla ; Hildebrand, Anne‑Sophie ; Roesmann (Keuper), Kati ; Otto, Esra ; Klucken, Tim 
162018Prekäre Arbeit und Offener GanztagNöll, Imke 
172019Media ethnography and participation in online practicesWaldecker, David  ; Englert, Kathrin ; Ludwig-Mayerhofer, Wolfgang ; Schmidtke, Oliver 
182022Self-guided virtual reality therapy for social anxiety disorderHildebrand, Anne Sophie ; Roesmann (Keuper), Kati ; Planert, Jari ; Machulska, Alla ; Otto, Esra ; Klucken, Tim 
192022No “carry-over” effects of tracking devices on return rate and parameters determining reproductive success in once and repeatedly tagged common swifts (Apus apus), a long-distance migratory birdWellbrock, Arndt ; Witte, Klaudia 
202022Opening opportunities for Kd determination and screening of MHC peptide complexesKopicki, Janine-Denise ; Saikia, Ankur ; Niebling, Stephan ; Günther, Christian ; Anjanappa, Raghavendra ; Garcia-Alai, Maria ; Springer, Sebastian ; Uetrecht, Charlotte 
212018Multi-modal interaction and tool-makingMeyer, Christian ; Schüttpelz, Erhard 
222017Bachelor, Master oder der Mythos von der adäquaten BeschäftigungKnauf, Alexander 
232022Advances in biomimetic photoelectrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxideYang, Nianjun 
242021Novel methodologies for multiaxial strain measurements with piezoresistive films based on graphene nanoplateletsYokaribas, Volkan ; Kraemer, Peter ; Mende, Alexander B. ; Fritzen, Claus-Peter 
252022Digital health interventions in depression care - a survey on acceptance from the perspective of patients, their relatives and health professionalsHafner, Jessica ; Schönfeld, Simone ; Tokgöz, Pinar ; Choroschun, Katharina ; Schlubach, Arndt ; Dockweiler, Christoph 
262021Machine learning in predicting mechanical behavior of additively manufactured partsNasiri, Sara ; Khosravani, Mohammad Reza 
272022Symmetries in quantum networks lead to no-go theorems for entanglement distribution and to verification techniquesHansenne, Kiara ; Xu, Zhen-Peng ; Kraft, Tristan ; Gühne, Otfried 
282022Characterization of 3D-printed PLA parts with different raster orientations and printing speedsKhosravani, Mohammad Reza ; Berto, Filippo ; Ayatollahi, Majid R. ; Reinicke, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamara 
292022Project DECIDE, part 1: increasing the amount of valid advance directives in people with Alzheimer’s disease by offering advance care planning - a prospective double-arm intervention studyBaisch, Stefanie ; Abele, Christina ; Theile-Schürholz, Anna ; Müller, Tanja ; Florack, Janina ; Garmann, Daniel ; Karneboge, Jonas ; Lindl, Gregor ; Pfeiffer, Nathalie ; Poth, Aoife , et al
302018Failure to replicate the association between fractional anisotropy and the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR, rs25531)Klucken, Tim ; Tapia León, Isabell ; Blecker, Carlo ; Kruse, Onno ; Stalder, Tobias ; Stark, Rudolf 
312018Facebook and the mass media in TunisiaAal, Konstantin ; Schorch, Marén ; Elkilani, Esma Ben Hadj ; Wulf, Volker 
322017Perspektiven auf ein Universitätsstudium zwischen Erziehungswissenschaft und Sozialer ArbeitDittmann-Dornauf, Andrea 
332010Nachdenken über JugendbildungMüller, Wolfgang C. 
342010Jugendarbeit oder JugendbildungRose, Lotte 
352022Experiences with teachers in childhood and their association with wellbeing in adulthoodDittmann, Christian ; Forstmeier, Simon 
362018The making of the world in co-operative actionStreeck, Jürgen 
372022High-speed focus-induced photoresponse in amorphous silicon photodetectors for optical distance measurementsBablich, Andreas ; Müller, Maurice  ; Kienitz, Paul ; Bornemann, Rainer ; Haring Bolívar, Peter 
382022X-ray diffraction with micrometre spatial resolution for highly absorbing samplesChakrabarti, Prerana ; Wildeis, Anna ; Hartmann, Markus ; Brandt, Robert ; Modregger, Peter 
392019Remote control of the synthesis of a [2]rotaxane and its shuttling via metal-ion translocationPaul, Indrajit ; Ghosh, Amit ; Schmittel, Michael