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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Wearable-based affect recognitionSchmidt, Philip 
22020Virtual reality simulation of a smart eating table for handicapped peopleMajeed, Salih Rashid 
32020Understanding images via visual similarity and deep feature representationsHa, Mai Lan 
42020TIMEA: Time-triggered message-based multicore architecture for AUTOSARUrbina Fuentes, Moisés Ignacio 
52020System-wide, fault-tolerant state agreement protocol for time-triggered MPSoCLenz, Alina 
62019Simulationssystem zur Interaktion mit realen Fischen unter Verwendung von Analyse-durch-Synthese-VerfahrenMüller, Klaus 
72021Selected topics in interactive computer graphicsLambers, Martin 
82018The response of nonlinearly loaded antennas to repetitive HPEM excitations as obtained from equivalent circuit modelsGronwald, Frank ; Palanivelu, Devanand Palur ; Michels, Robert ; Kreitlow, Matthias 
92020Realisierung einer Graphen-basierten plasmonischen Antenne zur Kommunikation im THz-BereichSüßmeier, Christoph 
102020Online dictionary learning for classification of antipersonnel landmines using ground penetrating radarGiovanneschi, Fabio 
112021Modern optimization techniques in computer visionGeiping, Jonas 
122020Minimizing the makespan of diagnostic multi-query graphs in embedded real time systemsTabassam, Nadra 
132020Learning machine monitoring models from sparse and noisy sensor data annotationsReich, Christian 
142019Fully-automated plant recognition systems in challenging controlled and uncontrolled environments using classical and Deep Learning methodsFathi Kazerouni, Masoud 
152020Fault-tolerant real-time architecture for elderly careSchmidt, Michael-Christian 
162020Fault injection framework for time-triggered systemsOnwuchekwa, Daniel 
172019Execution environment for integrated real-time systems based on software-defined networkingFang, Hongjie