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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Wechselwirkungskonzepte der Physik und ihre Propädeutik für die gymnasiale OberstufeLauner, Sebastian 
22020The way to a smarter community: exploring and exploiting data modeling, big data analytics, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence techniques for applications of 2D energy-dispersive detectors in the crystallography communityTosson, Amir 
32012System tests, initial operation and first data of the AMIGA muon detector for the Pierre Auger ObservatoryPontz, Michael 
42022Synthesising large, low cost and diverse datasets for robust semantic segmentation in self-driving tasksDietz Romero, Pau ; Mengel, Merlin David ; Czekansky, Jakob 
52020Surface dynamics of solids upon high-intensity laser irradiation investigated by grazing incidence X-ray scatteringRandolph, Lisa 
62019The structure of measurements and states in quantum theoryKleinmann, Matthias 
72020Strömende Materie - elementarisierte Zugänge zur Physik fluiddynamischer PhänomeneMüller (geb. Bzduskova), Lenka 
82021State-independent quantum contextuality with projectors of nonunit rankXu, Zhen-Peng ; Yu, Xiao-Dong ; Kleinmann, Matthias 
92020Self-catalyzed GaAs nanowiresMostafavi Kashani, Seyed Mohammad 
102020Realization of low dose XPCS experiments for the investigation of protein dynamicsRahmann, Hendrik 
112022Pushing the precision in B physicsKevin, Olschewsky 
122020Probing the sources of gravitational wavesRühl, Philip 
132020Optimierung und Charakterisierung von lumineszierenden Lithium-Aluminium-Boratgläsern und -glaskeramikenRimbach, Alicia Charlotte 
142020A nanorheology study on the viscoelastic properties of photorheological liquids by x-ray photon correlation spectroscopyReiser, Mario 
152021Nanomechanics: Mechanical response analysis of semiconductor GaAs nanowires by using finite element method and x-ray diffraction techniquesAnjum, Taseer 
162021Monolayer hexagonal boron nitride: an ultra-thin insulatorCai, Jiaqi 
172020Learning from correlations: what parts of quantum states tell about the wholeWyderka, Nikolai 
182021Investigation of pore filling of nanoporous aluminum oxide by thermoresponsive PNIPAM polymer using SAXS experimentErfani, Mona 
192021The interplay between quantum entanglement, coherence, and convex optimizationSimnacher, Timo Yannick 
202021In-situ investigation of the flux shadowing effect on polytypism and strain evolution in self-catalyzed core and core-shell nanowire systemsAl Humaidi, Mahmoud