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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Who is leading innovation?Homberg, Michael 
22018Travelling by taxi brousse in MadagascarWulf, Volker ; Misaki, Kaoru ; Randall, Dave ; Rohde, Markus 
32017Transformative works and German copyright law as matters of boundary workKempfert, Kamila ; Reißmann, Wolfgang 
42020To everything, turn, turn, turn?Julian, Genner 
52023Testing ‘AI’: do we have a situation?Marres, Noortje ; Sormani, Philippe 
62021The technicity of platform governance: structure and evolution of Facebook’s APIsvan der Vlist, Fernando ; Helmond, Anne ; Burkhardt, Marcus ; Seitz, Tatjana 
72019The story is everywhereReißmann, Wolfgang 
82018Store, interface, package, connection : methods and propositions for multi-situated app studiesDieter, Michael ; Gerlitz, Carolin ; Helmond, Anne ; Tkacz, Nathaniel ; Vlist, Fernando van der ; Weltevrede, Esther 
92018Socio-InformaticsMüller, Claudia ; Nett, Bernhard ; Bönsch, Jennifer ; Wulf, Volker ; Misaki, Kaoru ; Randall, Dave ; Rohde, Markus ; Reuter, Christian ; Leopold, Inken ; Aal, Konstantin , et al
102019Sensormedien : eine medien- und praxistheoretische AnnäherungThielmann, Tristan 
112017Referencing in academiaVoigts, Eckart ; Marshfield, Katerina 
122019Reality and its twin : the thematic of conspiracy in political metaphysicsBoltanski, Luc 
132017Re-Use under US copyright lawKocatepe, Sibel 
142019Practice as a collective and knowledgeable doingGherardi, Silvia ; Gießmann, Sebastian ; Schubert, Cornelius 
152018On Goodwin and his co-operative actionBergmann, Jörg R. 
162023Obsoleszenz statt Transformation im SchienenverkehrLaser, Stefan 
172017Negotiating legal knowledge, community values, and entrepreneurship in fan cultural productionEinwächter, Sophie G. 
182018Multi-modal interaction and tool-makingMeyer, Christian ; Schüttpelz, Erhard 
192018Mobile and interactive media in the store?Reuter, Christian ; Leopold, Inken 
202022Mit Wittgenstein ArbeitenGriesecke, Birgit ; Kogge, Werner