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1202017Identifizieren: Theorie und Geschichte einer MedienpraktikGießmann, Sebastian 
2202016Material mediations complicate communication privacy managementLehmuskallio, Asko ; Lampinen, Airi 
3202015To everything, turn, turn, turn?Julian, Genner 
4202014Intelligente Persönliche Assistenten im häuslichen Umfeld : Erkenntnisse aus einer linguistischen Pilotstudie zur Erhebung audiovisueller InteraktionsdatenHector, Tim Moritz ; Hrncal, Christine 
5201913Das Drama von Tübingen : eine Humanities and Technology Story (HTS)Erbacher, Christian 
6201912The Mickey Mouse telephone : an icon of turning tides in the relationship between the state, the economy and society in 1980s GermanyHenrich-Franke, Christian 
7201911Common sense knowledge of social structures (1959) : a paper distributed at the session on the Sociology of Knowledge, Fourth World Congress of Sociology, Stresa, Italy, September 12, 1959Garfinkel, Harold 
820199Sensormedien : eine medien- und praxistheoretische AnnäherungThielmann, Tristan 
920198Practice as a collective and knowledgeable doingGherardi, Silvia ; Gießmann, Sebastian ; Schubert, Cornelius 
1020197Reality and its twin : the thematic of conspiracy in political metaphysicsBoltanski, Luc 
1120196Mediants and the making of narrative assemblagesAppadurai, Arjun 
1220184Store, interface, package, connection : methods and propositions for multi-situated app studiesDieter, Michael ; Gerlitz, Carolin ; Helmond, Anne ; Tkacz, Nathaniel ; Vlist, Fernando van der ; Weltevrede, Esther 
1320183Finding a story for the history of computingHaigh, Thomas 
1420172Drawing the social : Jacob Levy Moreno, sociometry, and the rise of network diagrammaticsGießmann, Sebastian 
1520171Hunter into prey : trying to make sense of the »Media Revolution« at Göbekli TepeSchüttpelz, Erhard